Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Banner/Sun Health merger on target for August completion

[Source: Glendale Star] - With the tremendous growth in the Valley comes increasing needs for medical care. Banner Health is moving to complete a merger with Sun Health to try and address those needs.

An anticipated 4,700 more jobs, full and part-time, will be added to the Banner operations when the merger is complete.

“Our timing is still on track for completion at the end of August,” Banner spokesperson Bill Byron said. “It is very complex and complicated and our focus is to get it done.”
He said Banner is the largest health system in Arizona with hospitals in seven states.
The merger will see Sun Health's Boswell and Del E. Webb Hospitals, the Research Institute, MediSun and other related health care services and facilities carry the Banner name.

The mission of the facilities will continue to be supported by Sun Health Foundation, Sun Health Auxiliary and Sun Health Properties as the three non-profit organizations will remain independent and continue to encourage charitable contributions and generate other needed funding.

“Sun Health is a fine health care organization and well positioned to look after the increasing needs in that area,” Byron said.

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