Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Centenarians wanted for Sun Health Research Institute study on healthy aging

Sun Health Research Institute's Center for Healthy Aging and the West campus of Arizona State University are seeking out valley residents ages 98 and older for a new study that will examine the link between longevity and factors for healthy aging. “The purpose of this project is to gain a better understanding of the many factors involved in healthy aging. The best place to start is with people who've accomplished it,” says Walter Nieri, MD, director of the Sun Health Research Institute’s Center for Healthy Aging. “From this project, we seek to build wellness models that emphasize what individuals and the communities in which they live have done right to achieve longevity.”

Participation includes a brief phone interview followed by a one- to two-hour in-person interview at the individual’s residence or at the Sun Health Research Institute. Participants may have another family member, caregiver, or friend join them in the interview, but are encouraged to answer the questions on their own. Interviewers are specially selected, screened, and trained graduate students and professionals interested in the field of aging and work on a team with David W. Coon, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology at the West campus of Arizona State University.

The Longevity Project seeks participation of people from all cultures and backgrounds. Spanish-speaking interviewers are also available. If you or someone you know is approaching 100 or older, please call the Longevity Project hotline at the Center for Healthy Aging at the Sun Health Research Institute at 623/815-7677. Sun Health Research Institute’s Center for Healthy Aging was established to provide seniors with information, education and resources necessary to age gracefully and in a healthy manner.

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